Uses: C++

Spellsmith is a mobile game which is available for iOS and Android.

It's a small adventure puzzle game with an interesting spell-casting mechanic. As a single-player game, its aim was to be more accessible than Spaceheist.

It was written in C++ using Cocos2d-x and Spine.


Uses: Java

Spaceheist is a mobile game which is available for iOS and Android.

It features multiplayer using Bluetooth or cross platform multiplayer over a LAN. These differences are all transparent to the game thanks to the abstracted network layer.

It was written in Java using LibGDX.

sfh6 register

Uses: Objective-C · REST · XML

This is an iOS app I created for a group of schools allowing them to register pupils from mobile devices.

It was written in Objective-C and communicates with their back-end using a RESTful approach.


Uses: Actionscript · Flash · PHP

I was commissioned to create the multiplayer server for this scrabble-like board game.

It is available to play here.

Other games

Bounce - a puzzle game for iOS
Tank Defence 2 - a flash game which was sponsored by Addicting Games, a gaming site owned by MTV.
Z-Wars - a tower defence game which was front-paged on Newgrounds, a popular gaming site.
Neon Disks - a flash game which came fourth in a game design competition run by Arcade Town.
Codegrid - a programming game written in an old assembler-style language, Chip8

More of my flash games can be found on my Newgrounds profile.