Friday, 10th March 2023 ◆ Starts to recycling writing fluid and Parisian bauble (7)

Magpie is my submission to 7DRL 2023. As appears to be my habit for this jam, it's another Broughlike. You play as a trinket-loving Magpie, navigating a garden full of worms... and various scary predators!

Magpie by sunil.


Loco Card

Saturday, 17th December 2022 ◆ School queue (5)

My entry to Deck-tember is Loco Card. You can play it on Itch, via the link below:

Loco Card by sunil.

Deck-tember is a game jam for Decker creations, taking place in December. It's very much an analogue to Chip-8's Octo-jam, to which I also sumitted an entry this year. Decker, also an Internet Janitor creation, is a tool for creating things. It brings to mind a holy union of Flash combined with PowerPoint, except it's way cooler and has a very specific aesthetic. It takes inspiration from HyperCard, an old Macintosh program of similar vein.


Organising events with JustMeet

Thursday, 8th December 2022 ◆ Smooth shirt incident (5)

When planning an event with various people, it's hard to know when and where would be the most collectively convenient for the attendees. Recently, in trying to solve this problem, I made a spreadsheet in which each invitee would answer how convenient each option was to them: 0 meaning they would not be able to attend, and 1 meaning they definitely could attend.


Steepleclimb Concluded

Sunday, 13th November 2022 ◆ Celebrity's brief beginning (4) ◆ Comments (3)

Yesterday, we concluded our three-set Cloudpierce block by drafting and playing Steepleclimb . We introduced the set in a spoiler post earlier this month.

Busting open packs

Everyone showed up with their cards printed and trimmed, meaning we had a brief period where we had to sleeve the cards, but otherwise we got started very quickly. We prepared packs each with 1 rare, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, and one non-basic land, and put them into ziplock bags.



Wednesday, 9th November 2022 ◆ Suffering plus time makes art (5)

Puzzlescript is a simple-yet-powerful game engine for tile-based puzzle games. I've played some really cool games made in Puzzlescript (you can see an absolute wealth of creativity in the gallery), and I've been intrigued by it, but I've never actually tried making a game with it.


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